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Why Americans are Obsessed with Pawn Shops

America is full of wonderment of pawnshops these days. Audiences tune into reality shows filming the inner workings of these stores.  Many viewers wonder what treasures await inside, especially those with childhoods occurring in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  Likewise, our clients like to wander back in time to simpler days and relive memories by looking and buying items of yesteryears. Others need to acquire quick cash, and they don’t qualify for a loan from a bank and don’t have a credit card.  Yet, other customers have too many things sitting in storage, and it is time to downsize their collection. There are many reasons why our customers come to our store. Here’s a few:


We offer all the great value on jewelry, guitars, watches, guns, and more. The brands and variety in our shop are pretty extensive. If you are looking for a flat-screen TV, most stores carry 2 or 3 brands. At Wizebuys, we carry many brands. You won’t have to drive all over town to see them.   If you want to walk down memory lane, we are the place to be! Wizebuys stocks quality merchandise at outstanding prices. We offer products like jewelry, guitars, tools, and video games – like the ones you use to play in your younger years. We have plenty of products to browse, and it changes nearly daily. You know what they say, “They don’t make them like they use to.” But, we just might still stock them.  Check out our show room at Wizebuys to find out.


Unexpected life situations happen to all of us. For example, your vehicle or washing machine breaks down, divorce occurs, or you need to pay for a child’s braces. It is often easier to access a loan by coming to Wizebuys. We offer collateral loans of both large and small denominations. In particular, if you only need a small amount of cash and you can pay it back quickly, a bank loan will not be an option. Instead, we will give you cash for your item without a credit history check.


If you are unemployed, a payday loan is not possible for you at the moment – however, you still need cash to pay the bills. Nobody at Wizebuys cares about your credit scores or outstanding loans from financial institutions. Instead, you can use your valuables as collateral to secure a loan until your employment status changes.  If that status doesn’t change in a reasonable amount of time, you can go back to Wizebuys and secure as many loans as necessary.  Just bring another valuable item in to us. 


If you are dealing with a bank, the financial institution will research your credit history to make sure you are a suitable client. This vetting process can happen over days. In the end, no or low credit scores means no bank loan. At Wizebuys, instead of jumping through hoops, just come to our store in Highland. Bring your item(s) of some value, such as a couple of jewelry pieces that can act as your collateral for a cash loan. We will get you cash value within minutes, and you can walk out with cash in hand. No waiting. No credit check. No worries. See Wizebuys in Highland for your loan today, and never worry about your credit history.


Wizebuys is a fast and hassle-free way to purge yourself of your unwanted heirloom jewelry or an extra power tool. Going to our pawn shop is also an excellent way to find great deals on items you need. The most exciting thing is that the contents on the shelves vary from week to week so you never know what you may find. We have an assortment of goods that are a collector’s dream come true. Even if you are not looking for a specific item, we are pretty sure you will find something that interests you and buy it – even if you don’t need it.

With so many people watching shows about pawn shops, we completely understand why they come into our store to check out all the exciting items. We welcome you anytime and are ready to answer your questions. We also think you will enjoy your time here browsing our ever changing product aisles.

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