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Benefits of Buying Used Instruments at Pawn Shops

Most of us love music and live bands.  Many of us have a secret dream of playing in a rock band, which invariably starts in a friend’s garage. If you or your kid wants to start a garage band, look no further than a pawn shop. Why would I look at a pawn shop like Wizebuys to start a band, you may ask?  There’s many reasons!

Massive Selection

Wizebuys has a large selection of gently used instruments. Unlike ordering online, each musical instrument can be handled and played to determine your preference in sound. Our experts can listen to your needs and steer you to the right product – making a pleasant buying experience. We have Drums, guitars, bass, brass instruments, and more – we have Gibson, Fenders, and Yamaha. The best thing is that used instruments retain their value more than newly purchased ones.

Instruments at Reasonable Prices

Like a car, a brand-new musical instrument will lose value when its box is open and played. Most people take care of their instruments, and they still play nice music many years after they are produced. A used instrument and musical equipment can sound great for decades.  At Wizebuys, we have instruments, amps, synthesizer, and speakers for beginners or professional musicians. But, they are also at an affordable price, far less costly than purchasing as new.  Additionally, we test each product to ensure quality. Suddenly, the thought of starting a garage band without breaking the bank sounds doable!

Music Tells a Story

Used instruments tell a story, too. Behind each one are a musician and an experience we hope to know. A new instrument doesn’t have that kind of history or story yet. It has never been played live before an audience, and it has never met the hands of a heartfelt musician. Wizebuys receives autographed guitars from time to time – the most recent from Rascal Flats – and we value its history. If we know its story, we share that with the one that purchases it because that is the treasure of a used instrument. It illuminates a certain kind of energy. The history makes the music a little sweeter.

So, as you or your child contemplates that garage band, please consider Wizebuys as your first stop for the band members. We know you will find all the instruments and musical equipment you’ll need to make sweet music together. Now, ROCK ON!

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