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Wizebuys Pawnbrokers Outlet is a premier pawn shop in Michigan. We started our first location in Flint, MI in 1982 and then opened an additional store in Waterford, MI (1991), which is currently known as National Pawnbrokers Outlet. Wizebuys was our third and prized store in Highland, MI (2009). We specialize in providing our customers with short-term pawns with both affordable interest rates and storage fees. Our customers can also sell and buy unique items at our locations. We pride ourselves on a large selection of products. You should see our collection of new and used jewelry. It is amazing! Come check it out for yourself.


Before the current banks and credit card companies, the pawnbroking industry was one of the few ways to get loans. Pawnbroking was prevalent in Ancient Greece and flourished in other areas, such as Europe, China, and Northern America. Our industry has been around for over 3,000 years!

As you can see, pawnbrokers have provided consumers short-term loans and money in exchange for valuable items for thousands of years. For this reason, we continue to be a go-to institution for those individuals unable to secure a loan with a bank or credit card. Currently, more than 22% of Americans cannot guarantee a loan through a bank or credit card today. Going to a pawn shop guarantees you money quickly.


You may have noticed that pawnshops are of interest to the public lately. We find shows like 'Pawn Stars' intriguing. Partially because you never know what treasures you will see. Most of us like to see items of our past and take a trip down memory lane. We also want to learn the value of our keepsakes, possibly even getting money for them. Historically, pawn shops were the leading form of credit before the 1950s.

FUN FACT: Christopher Columbus' journey to America was financed by Queen Isabella pawning her crown jewels.