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It's easy! Almost any item can be sold, but some can sell for more money than others. The valuables that get top dollar are jewelry and other precious gems. Others are musical instruments, firearms, sporting and hunting equipment, authentic personalized items (autographed), and collections.

We find that more people are looking to sell items but don't want the hassle of selling online. At Wizebuys, we offer you the simplicity of the sale. You won't have to chase down a buyer or wait for one to come to your home to view and (maybe) purchase the item. In other words, getting paid money right away is more fun than the vague promise of getting cash later. It's that simple.

Step 1
Bring your jewelry or other unwanted items into our store

All it takes is a visit to our Highland location.

Step 2
Get our offer

We will assess the item's value and give you a selling price.

Step 3
Get Paid Immediately

You will walk out of Wizebuys with cash in hand.