Your Child’s First Step to Coin Collecting

Plenty of Collectible Coins

So you hear of kids that want to be paleontologists, but do you think you would like them to become a numismatist. Huh, you may ask? Good question!  A numismatist is a person that studies and collects currency such as coins. Coin Collecting is an excellent way for you to bond with your children. Having […]

Five Interesting Facts About the US $100 Bill

As the highest valued American bill, we all love to have our greenbacks or hundred-dollar bills. Seeing them is satisfying, but did you know several facts about them that you may not have known? Here are five facts about the $100 bill: Not a President  It’s not surprising that the face on this bill is […]

Why Americans are Obsessed with Pawn Shops

America is full of wonderment of pawnshops these days. Audiences tune into reality shows filming the inner workings of these stores.  Many viewers wonder what treasures await inside, especially those with childhoods occurring in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  Likewise, our clients like to wander back in time to simpler days and relive memories by […]

Summer Activities for Kids

Kids playing soccer football

Once the kids are out of school for the summer, they have plenty of free time on their hands. What better way to keep kids busy and prevent them from complaining about how bored they are than by coming up with a bunch of fun summer activities? Happy kids are busy kids. Even though most […]

Spring Cleaning


There is nothing more exhausting or more rewarding than doing a deep spring cleaning throughout your house. Let’s face it, on a normal busy week you do the bare minimum to just get by. You probably vacuum, clean the toilet and sink, wash the floors, do the dishes and get the laundry done. For some, […]

Shopping Online Safely

Online shopping

Online shopping may be quick, convenient and fun, but there are also some risks attached to Internet shopping. If you are not aware of the hidden dangers online, it’s easy to become a target for scammers who look for gullible people to scam. Shopping online doesn’t have to be a scary experience though and there […]