We Buy/Sell/Trade:

  • All Jewelry Including Rolex Watches
  • Video Game Consoles & Games
  • DVDs & VHS
  • Most Tools
  • Musical Instruments
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Laptop & Desktop Computers
  • Guitars & Guitar Amps
  • Most Electronics
  • Shotguns / Rifles / Handguns
  • Compound Bows & Hunting Equipment
  • Sporting Goods

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Electronics Highland MI

When it comes to electronics, WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet in Highland has got you covered. We have one of the largest electronics inventories in the Metro Detroit area. We buy and sell computers, DVD players, record players, DVDs and video games, stereo equipment, TVs, cell phones, the latest apple products (IPads, IPhones and IPods), electric and acoustic guitars, all kinds of musical instruments ( drums, bass, recording equipment to name a few), amps and more. We also have a number of smaller electronics such as digital cameras and GPS navigation systems. If it has value and it works, we’ll take it! With such a great selection, WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet is definitely here to help meet all your electronic needs. Nowadays, who can survive without a desktop computer or laptop or their IPad? Most people are a little wary of buying electronic goods from pawn shops, but at WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet in Highland, we personally test and re-test all our merchandise before we purchase it from anyone and again before we let our customers make any purchases. So why miss out on a great opportunity to save some cash while still getting exactly what you want? It is our policy to ensure that you receive a good product that is in decent working condition. At WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet, we base on our reputation on customer satisfaction. Moreover, our goal is always to have our customers pay a fair and reasonable price for their electronics all while saving money. Why spend good money to buy electronics that don’t work? That’s just silly. We want all our customers to have reliable equipment, they can enjoy for years to come. Additionally, this high-quality standard also applies to all the musical Instruments that we buy and sell. With so many great and emerging talents in the Metro Detroit area, WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet in Highland would never be caught without the latest guitars, amps, brand name stereo equipment, microphones, musical equipment and accessories. We have state of the art musical equipment as well as vintage classic items that will have you reminiscing about a simpler time. We also have a large catalog of DVDs and video games that will bring out the movie buff and gamer in just about anyone. So don’t be shy, come on in to WizeBuys PawnBrokers Outlet in Highland and let us bring some good old fashion entertainment to your life.

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