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We specialize in jewelry because people love jewelry. Even more, our customers love getting deals on jewelry. You can find all kinds of unique jewelry here:


DIY and home projects can be expensive. The cost of buying tools can drive up your budget. Try our store before buying new ones. Some of our tools here:

We test all our tools twice: Once before they are available for sale and again when you make your purchase from us.


Our store has a large selection of electronics, including laptops and desktops. Our shelves are stocked with both old and new gaming devices and have something for everyone.

Find electronics at discounted prices for you and your family. We have big-name brands too.


If you're a hunter, avid marksman, or just need home protection, we have a wide variety of weapons. Wizebuys is a licensed FFL dealer and we follow all state and federal laws.

We stock new and used brand-name, quality guns. Come in and see our selection of Remington, Glock, Ruger, and Smith & Wessons.