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Pawning your stuff is a simple process. These easy steps will allow you to pawn your items and get your cash in minutes.

Step 1
Bring your valuable item to our store

The item you bring to us your jewelry, coins, or other precious gems.

Step 2
Get our offer on your item.

Wizebuys will offer you more cash than others for your valuables!
We will provide a loan for a 3% monthly interest rate plus storage for 30 days. Loans can be extended for up to 90 days.

Step 3
Get paid on your item

We will provide you with cash immediately.

Step 4
Keep your pawn paperwork

We give you a pawn ticket, which is a receipt for your item. Please keep your pawn ticket - it will have a description of your merchandise along with the terms of your transaction.

Pawns are easy to obtain and don't focus on your credit scores or other unnecessary qualifications.
Just bring us your stuff, and we will assess its value at Wizebuys. You then walk out with cash in hand.