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Your Child’s First Step to Coin Collecting

So you hear of kids that want to be paleontologists, but do you think you would like them to become a numismatist?  Huh, you may ask? Good question!  A numismatist is a person that studies and collects currency such as coins. Coin Collecting is an excellent way for you to bond with your children. Having a hobby together will create memorable experiences and meaningful time together. Here are some ideas for your kids started:

  1. Point out State Quarters when making purchases. Young children learn about money by watching their parents pay for items at stores. Each time you receive a quarter, let your child look at it to see if they have seen that State Quarter before. You may even let your kids keep and sort them. Buy a coin binder to collect them. And always be enthusiastic about their finds.
  2. Travel to a Coin Show or come into Wizebuys to look at the various coins on display. Start their collection by purchasing an inexpensive coin – like a misprint. The US Mint incorrectly prints these coins and accidentally releases them into circulation. They have value because of their flaws. Often, you can obtain misprinted coins for under $10; however, some misprints can exceed well over $50,000. In other words, it can turn into an investment in the long run.
  3. Make it fun!  Discuss the history behind coins. For instance, pieces of eight coins have a rich history. They were Spanish dollar coins minted in the Americas from the 15th century to 19 century. These coins were legal currency in the United States until 1857! Pieces of eight are well-known on pirates’ ships and can be found among their treasure in shipwrecks.  Additionally, there are many picture books for children about coins. For example, check out The Kid’s Guide to Collecting Statehood Quarters and Other Cool Coins!, written by Kelsey Flynn, Kevin Flynn, and Ron Volpe. Another great book is A Kid’s Guide to Collecting Coins, by Arlyn G. Sieber.

With your kids’ childhood so precious, consider taking up a hobby and spending quality time collecting coins together. We can help you find that first coin together at our store in Highland, MI. Please come in, and we’ll steer you in the right direction; we look forward to being part of the memories you create while collecting.

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